'Challenging behaviour' was a term coined to describe behaviour exhibited by individuals that we don't like! It is not the individual who is being challenging; it is us, as the supporter or carer, who are being challenged.

Challenging Behaviour TrainingOur Challenging Behaviour course is designed to encourage those attending to think differently about the behaviour of those with learning needs and disabilities – and also about our own behaviour. Although it is almost impossible to change a person's behaviour – unless they want it to change – we can learn how to understand their perspective and perhaps provide the conditions under which behaviour can change, or perhaps not occur in the first place.

This is an interactive course with lots of opportunities for discussion, participation and self-reflection.

Our Understanding Challenging Behaviour course includes the following:

  • Theories and function of behaviour
  • Why do people behave as they do?
  • What actually is 'challenging' behaviour?
  • Preventing challenging behaviour
  • Strategies for managing challenging behaviour
  • Challenging our own assumptions about people and their behaviour