We deliver dyslexia training courses to a range of organisations including schools, colleges, universities, parent support groups and employers. Our expert dyslexia trainers will support in your staff in learning more than they ever thought possible about how to support learners with dyslexia.

Dyslexia TrainingDyslexia training courses are aimed at increasing retention and success in education and employment, developing approaches and strategies to support people and enhancing knowledge and confidence in adapting materials, tasks and environments. Understanding the difficulties faced by those with dyslexia, as well as ways in which to address them, has been shown to enhance the accessibility of services and improve organisational success.

Our dyslexia training addresses the difficulties faced by people with dyslexia. It is delivered using active and engaging methods, with participants being fully involved in order to utilise their own knowledge and expertise.

We offer three areas of dyslexia training:
  • Dyslexia and education
  • Dyslexia awareness
    • Dyslexia and employment

 Training can be delivered in half or one day packages generally, although we can devise courses to meet your requirements.

Our dyslexia training is usually delivered by Claire Salter a qualified and experienced teacher and dyslexia consultant and dyslexia assessor. Feedback from her training has been overwhelmingly positive with comments on it being clear, pragmatic and effectively demonstrating how to apply knowledge. Many people think they know dyslexia, until they have attended training delivered by Claire.