Our Autism training is delivered by trainers who are all published authors in Autism Spectrum Conditions and all have many years experience as parents, partners, individuals with the condition, teachers and/or mentors, as well as qualified trainers.

Autism TrainingOur level of expertise in Autism training is second to none, as is our feedback, which is 100% positive with 81% of delegates giving a 9 or 10 score out of 10 for their overall satisfaction.

Our in-house training covers all required aspects of Autism Spectrum Conditions in adults and children, including care, communication, behaviour, education, employment, sexuality and social and personal relationships.

Our training will provide:

  • Increased understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions and/or Asperger Syndrome
  • In-depth knowledge of the characteristics and diagnostic criteria of Autism Spectrum Conditions and/or Asperger syndrome
  • An insight into the perspective of a person with autism and/or Asperger syndrome – guest speaker with Asperger syndrome available
  • Increased understanding of the causes of ‘challenging’ behaviour
  • Ideas and approaches for supporting service users
  • The confidence to develop your own strategies for supporting service users