We can support those working with childhood or adult ADHD in a range of settings. Our ADHD training courses are suitable for teachers, support staff, criminal justice (police, prison staff), substance misuse and other practitioners.

ADHD TrainingOur specialist ADHD training is delivered by trainers have worked with children and young people with ADHD for many years in an education setting.

ADHD is a much mis-understood and misdiagnosed condition, which has been the subject of some bad press and a tendency to blame poor parenting for the behavioural difficulties of children and young people with ADHD. When you consider that ADHD is largely genetic and therefore likely to exist in parents too, the picture becomes clearer...

Whatever the age of the individuals with ADHD that you support, it is essential that correct information and understanding is available so that action may be taken to prevent a future which, for some young people, currently looks bleak.

Our ADHD training is designed after discussion with you to meet the requirements of your service users and provide the support and understanding for staff working with those with ADHD.

Our ADHD courses provide:

  • Causes and Characteristics of ADHD
  • Diagnosis and Referral routes
  • Statistics and Research
  • Criminality and Substance Misuse
  • Strategies and Approaches for supporting individuals