Sarah Hendrickx autism speaker

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Sarah presents on many aspects of autism, including:

  • Personal Perspective
  • Women and Girls
  • Anxiety
  • Sexuality and Gender Identity
  • Social and Personal Relationships
  • Offending Behaviour
  • Alcoholism
  • Happiness and Well-being
  • Employment
  • ... And more...

Sarah combines her personal experience as an autistic adult with many years as an autism professional. She has an unusually blunt and entertaining speaking style described as inspirational and highly accessible by audiences: ‘Sarah says it like it is!’
Diagnosed as autistic at the age of 43, Sarah speaks openly about her wide and varied life experiences with honesty and humour. Sarah provides training and consultancy services to UK government, employers, criminal justice, health professionals, education and care providers. She has an MA in Autism and sits on professional advisory boards for the National Autistic Society.