claireClaire began her career teaching English as a foreign language in the UK and abroad. In 1997 she began work in further education, starting out as a course tutor. She went on to co-ordinate, then manage the department of Literacy, Numeracy, Language and Dyslexia support. In this role she worked in a number of ways to enhance access to the curriculum, especially for learners with dyslexia and other disabilities.

Alongside her teaching and management, Claire also became a trainer delivering a range of events and courses on subjects such as differentiating teaching and learning, making written and spoken communication more accessible and disability awareness. She has gone on to deliver training to a variety of staff in schools, colleges and other organisations across the UK. In her training and consultancy work, Claire is committed to enabling people to maximise their potential.

Claire has teaching qualifications in Post Compulsory Education and EFL alongside specialist qualifications in Applied Linguistics and dyslexia. These have enhanced her understanding of how people process information and the barriers they may face in education, work and life. She is passionate about developing awareness of these difficulties and barriers and how they may be addressed through the development of strategies, use of equipment and the provision of reasonable adjustments.

Training is delivered using very active and engaging methods. There is a lot of pair and group work, as well as direct input, to ensure that participants are fully involved and able to utilise their own knowledge and understanding. Although enthusiastic about raising understanding, Claire is aware of the factors which may constrain services and support so provides practical and achievable strategies which can be applied in a variety of environments.

Claire was recently featured as a consultant in BBC3 TV's 'Don't Call Me Stupid' programme following actress Cara Tointon as she looked for ways to overcome the difficulties that having dyslexia had caused her.