Caroline HearstCaroline Hearst is an autistic autism trainer and conference speaker who also offers consultations and runs support groups and programmes for autistic adults.

Caroline provides training and presentations on a number of aspects of autism including mental health, employment and female autism. She delivers training to a wide range of audiences including therapists, health and education professionals.

Caroline’s in person or Skype consultations offer a chance to discuss autism as it affects you/ a family member, friend, employee or client. They provide a positive perspective on autism and the space to explore your situation from an informed insider perspective. Simply understanding autism better can be helpful and prevent differences becoming difficulties. Sometimes specific techniques are suggested to address individual challenges.

They are suitable for anyone who wants to discuss autism with an empathic and informed autistic educator.

Caroline has qualifications in Art Psychotherapy, Librarianship and teaching adults. She has worked in various roles including Consumer Advisor in mental health, trade union recruiter and card making tutor.

Since her autism diagnosis Caroline has been passionate about spreading information about autism. In New Zealand she was a trustee of ASK (Autism Spectrum Kiwis) and served on the NZ government expert advisory group on autism.

She now runs Autism Matters and is a director of AutAngel the autistic run community interest company she founded which published the book “Being Autistic” and runs several support groups as well as offering an ongoing calendar of autism related events. She sits on her local Autism Strategy Board and is a member of the forum of the National Autistic Society.

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