Autism Workplace Assessments

Autistic individuals (Asperger syndrome) may require support in the workplace to allow them to do their jobs with the same comfort and ease as other employees. The Equality Act 2010 requires employers to provide ‘reasonable adjustments’ to level the playing field for employees considered to have a disability. Typically, for autistic employees these adjustments are simple, not costly and easily implemented and give good results. These adjustments also improve productivity, well-being and job retention for the Autistic employee which is good for business. 

We support employers and employees to find a sensible solution which meets the needs of the employee, employer and the legislation.

We provide Specialist Autism Workplace Assessments for Autistic employees. This will involve:

  • Preliminary discussion with manager and individual
  • Reading of job related documentation and known points for consideration
  • Site visit to assess all aspects of job role and environment, including meetings with relevant colleagues and management.
  • Follow-up report outlining practical recommendations for reasonable adjustments as required by the Equality Act 2010.

Cost: £1250.00 plus travel expenses + VAT.

Our Autism Workplace Assessor is Sarah Hendrickx, a published author on autism and employment who has provided assessments, training and support to many large employers such as MoD, American Express, Baillie Gifford and the Royal Institute. Sarah is a known expert in the field and speaks at conferences worldwide.