Sarah Hendrickx provides Autism diagnosis for both children and adults as an Associate of Axia-ASD at their clinic in Chester. Sarah is not a clinically qualified psychologist but has been trained and continues to be clinically supervised by Dr Linda Buchan at Axia-ASD. All diagnostic assessments reports are reviewed and signed off by Dr Buchan. All child diagnosed involve two or more clinicians in the assessment process.

Sarah is Autistic herself and has worked with in excess of 300 Autistic people (which Professor Tony Attwood recommends 100 as being a minimum requirement of anyone providing diagnostic assessments). Please see: for details of Sarah’s credentials and experience. Sarah has particular expertise in the Autism diagnosis of girls and women.

Obtaining a clinical diagnosis of Autism/Asperger syndrome can be expensive and/or involve a lengthy wait - NHS wait times can exceed 18 months and sometimes clinicians do not have extensive experience particularly in of the presentation of Autistic adults.

Child and Adult Autism Diagnostic Procedure

  • Completion of questionnaire and tests prior to appointment
  • Two hour interview/assessment – in person
  • Fully detailed assessment report 
  • Recommendations for further support if required

Fees: Clinically Supervised Diagnosis: please contact Axia-ASD.

Location: Saltney, Chester

For more details and appointments, please contact Sue Power or Chris Conde at Axia-ASD on:
Telephone: 01244 567656

Axia-ASD have a number of excellent clinicians, but if you specifically wanted to be assessed by Sarah Hendrickx, please make this clear when you contact the team.

PLEASE NOTE: All availability enquiries and appointments must be made directly through Axia-ASD.