Obtaining an adult clinical diagnosis of autism/Asperger syndrome can be expensive and/or involve a lengthy wait - NHS wait times can exceed 18 months an sometimes clinicians do not have extensive experience of the presentation of autistic adults.

Sarah Hendrickx provides both non-clinical assessments and clinically supervised diagnoses for autism. Sarah is autistic herself and has worked with in excess of 300 autistic people (which Professor Tony Attwood recommends 100 as being a minimum requirement of anyone providing diagnostic assessments). Please see: http://www.asperger-training.com/sarah-hendrickx/ for details of Sarah’s credentials and experience.

Sarah has particular expertise in the autism diagnosis of adult women.

Both the Non-clinical Assessment and Clinically Supervised Diagnosis follow the same procedure outline below. The difference between these services is that the Non-clinical Assessment will be Sarah's expert opinion alone whilst the Clinically Supervised Diagnosis will be reviewed and verified by Dr Linda Buchan, Clinical Psychologist at Axia-ASD.

Sarah provides autism diagnosis as an Associate of Axia-ASD. Sarah is not a clinically qualified psychologist but has been trained and continues to be clinically supervised by Dr Linda Buchan at Axia-ASD. All diagnostic reports are reviewed and signed off by Dr Buchan.

Adult Autism Diagnostic/Assessment Procedure

  • Completion of questionnaire and tests prior to appointment
  • Two hour interview/assessment – in person or via Skype
  • Fully detailed assessment report 
  • Recommendations for further support if required


Non-clinical Assessment: £475.00

Clinically Supervised Diagnosis: £700.00

Most appointments take place in Lancing, West Sussex (direct trains to London and beyond). Sarah also carries out some diagnostic appointments at Axia-ASD in Chester.

Appointments can also be carried out out via Skype.