Obtaining an adult clinical diagnosis of autism/Asperger syndrome can be expensive and/or involve a lengthy wait - NHS wait times can exceed 18 months. Sarah Hendrickx provides a non-clinical assessment for adult autism / Asperger syndrome which follows the same process as a clinical diagnosis and provides an expert opinion as to the likelihood of autism. Sarah is autistic herself and has worked with in excess of 300 autistic people on a 1:1 basis (which Professor Tony Attwood recommends 100 as being a minimum requirement of anyone providing diagnostic assessments).

** Due to Sarah’s lack of clinical qualifications this is not a clinical diagnosis. Only a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist can provide a formal diagnosis. Anyone claiming otherwise is misrepresenting what they provide. **

** We are not able to carry out an assessment with an individual who has already had a negative diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition from a clinician. **

Following the assessment, you will be provided with a report of the outcome and findings which can be used to inform a future clinical diagnosis or to access support in employment, education or health. Please allow 3 hours for the appointment.

Assessment cost: 

In person: £475.00 - appointments take place in Lancing, West Sussex (direct trains to London and beyond)

Skype: £350.00

Women on the Autism Spectrum

It is commonly acknowledged that identifying Asperger syndrome in adult women can be difficult due to their ability to mask the behaviours commonly associated with the condition. Sarah has considerable experience of working with and assessing women for Asperger syndrome and knows how to 'find' the Asperger syndrome, if it is there, but hidden. She speaks at conferences both here and in the US on Women and Autism and has written a book on the subject.

AS AssessmentIn 2013, the DSM criteria for Autistic Disorder has seen the removal of the term ‘Asperger syndrome’ from diagnostic terminology. Individuals currently meeting the Asperger syndrome diagnostic criteria will be termed as having an ‘Autistic Spectrum Condition’ with a severity level assigned to it (1, 2 or 3). The criteria itself also changes the requirements for a positive diagnosis. In our assessments, this will be taken into consideration, although as there are currently no tools for measuring the new DSM 5 criteria for Autism Spectrum Condition, we will continue to use the current tools and adapt as necessary. We believe it will be many years before professionals catch up with these new developments as many haven’t got to grips with the original Asperger syndrome criteria which were introduced in 1994!

Feedback about our Asperger assessment process and reports from senior psychiatrists confirm that the standard and complexity is comparable to a medical diagnosis. Leading experts in the field of Asperger syndrome have accepted an assessment by Sarah Hendrickx as a valid basis for confirmation of a diagnosis without them feeling the need to repeat the process. Having one of our assessments has been known to speed the process of an 'official' diagnosis, by 1 year or more and potentially reduce the load on NHS diagnostic services. However, we cannot guarantee that a clinician will agree with Sarah’s findings.